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Q: What blockchain is Vesta Equity using for tokenizing real estate?

We leverage Algorand's proof-of-stake blockchain infrastructure for tokenization. Algorand offers state of the art technology for tokenizing physical assets using their ASA (Algorand Standard Assets) functionality. In addition, due to the nature of Algorand's efficient infrastructure, transfer fees are extremely low and transfers are immediate.

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Q: How can I securely move funds in and out of my wallet?

We've partnered with Circle to allow quick and efficient wallet transactions from any bank account in North America. You will be able to connect your bank account to move funds from your standard Algorand wallet to our platform, or get payouts within 2 business days.

FAQs > Technical > Security

Q: Who stores my tokens?

We operate a fully distributed infrastructure. Property owners and investors on the Vesta Equity platform hold their own wallets and the contents of the wallet are securely stored on the public Algorand ledger network.