Invest in the future of how people will leverage property equity for prosperity and peace of mind.

Vesta Equity has been built with the purpose to disrupt the multi-trillion-dollar property equity finance market. Centuries old institutionalized barriers favor the financial institutions with entrenched inequities that result in significant loan costs and risks to property owners and roadblocks for property investors.

Seamless and secure blockchain-backed property tokenization.

A dual sided platform that connects property owners and property investors.

Streamlined and automated KYC, ID, and AML verification.

Advanced marketplace research tools.

Turnkey property rights management using smart contracts.

A scope of investor liquidity options through 1. property owner buy back options, 2. traditional off chain property sale, and 3. the Vesta Property Marketplace.

Innovative offer and counter-offer management capabilities.

Integrated digital wallet that allows for easy transfer of funds.

USDC stablecoin underpins peer-to-peer transactions that are near instant, low-cost, secure, and cross-border globally.

A common distributed ledger that ensures integrity and enables circulated asset token ownership.

“So why did Blockbuster not create Netflix, and why did Sears not create Amazon? One reason is the innovator’s dilemma, where disruptors of old paradigms have trouble disrupting themselves.

Alex Tapscott, Author

Financial Services Revolution

Partner with Vesta Equity to launch the next evolution in property equity.

Vesta Equity is raising a current round of financing. We have the following investor material available:

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2 Full Investor Deck
3 Financials
4 Product Demo

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