FAQs > Setting Up an Account > Identification Process

Q: What kinds of identification are required for signing up and why?

A photo of a government-issued ID is required for authentication because of the stringent application requirements needed to obtain this identification. The piece of ID is validated by Vesta Equity using state-of-the-art KYC/AML services and ensures that your account is protected against unauthorized access. This method of verification is common in applications involving transactions with high-value assets on the internet, particularly with financial investments and real estate.

FAQs > Setting Up an Account > Account Permissions

Q: With a property owner account can I invest as well? With an investor account can I list equity in my property for sale?

If you already signed up as a property owner you can also buy equity as an investor. Currently, however, all investors need to be accredited according to the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) criteria. If you signed up as an investor you can begin listing equity in your property for sale. In order to begin this process, create a listing from the main dashboard or from the listings section. You will then be prompted to upload a document such as a utility bill that will be used to validate ownership. From that point, it is a simple step-by-step guided process to complete the listing.

FAQs > Setting Up an Account > Managing Alerts

Q: How can I be alerted as soon as possible for incoming offers?

In your account settings there are options to be alerted immediately, daily, and never. Alerts will be sent to your associated email address and are available from the notifications icon in the top right corner when you’re logged into the platform.

FAQs > Setting Up an Account > Transactions

Q: Where are transactions shown and how can I see a complete list of transactions?

Transactions are shown in various parts of the platform such as the Dashboard, and are available in full in the Wallet tab under your Account Settings. You can review and export them as needed, and they are fully recorded and immutable as part of the blockchain infrastructure powering Vesta Equity.