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Q: As a property owner, do I need to own my property fully to sell equity?

Vesta Equity is currently accepting properties that are wholly owned and debt-free as well as properties that are mortgaged or otherwise encumbered where the debt can be discharged through raising funds on our marketplace.

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Q: Are there really no monthly interest payments?

Yes, Vesta Equity operates with only a platform fee paid at the time of each transaction. An initial closing cost fee comparable to other property financing products also applies once a property owner has decided to list. Vesta Equity also offers integrated services for property valuation and professional photography to assist with your listing.

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Q: Will selling some of my property's equity through Vesta Equity affect the sale of my entire property?

Not at all. You would place your property for sale as usual and Vesta Equity would help arrange payment of the percentage of investor-owned equity. For example, if you had sold 20% of your property to Vesta Equity investors and decided to sell your entire property through a realtor, 20% of the funds received would be seamlessly disbursed by Vesta Equity to investors holding those tokens.

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Q: What is the maximum amount of equity I can sell?

You can sell up to 80% of your property's equity.