The Transaction Basics

Vesta Equity's solution allows homeowners to sell equity to property investors through an equity sharing structure that ensures the homeowner retains full residential rights with no term length. In exchange for funds from property investors, a homeowner sells the financial rights to a percentage of their property's equity and future value. The home equity is realized when the property is sold.

Example: A homeowner with a property valued at $500K sells 20% of their equity on Vesta Equity and receives $100K from property investors. Later on, the homeowner sells the property itself for $600K to a new buyer and repays the investors of $120K from the proceeds of the sale.

Homeowner Key Features

Homeowners can take the basic transaction of selling home equity to the next level by using the unique features available on Vesta Equity's platform. Fine-tune listings to set dollar targets required for paying off debt on the property while creating more attractive investment opportunities.
Mortgage Exit
Homeowners can cancel their mortgage or other debt on the property by selling enough equity to replace the debt. Additional funds beyond the mortgage amount go to straight to the homeowner.
Listings for a mortgaged or encumbered property:
Cancel those debts and interest payments entirely once the listing achieves its minimum requirement.
Replace debt with investors who share in the financial prospect of the property.
Close only when the property achieves its minimum performance.
Allow a homeowner to set higher minimum and maximum requirements to keep additional funds after paying off the debt.
Upfront Premium & Equity Dividend
Homeowners can make their listings more competitive by offering additional equity, using either or both an Upfront Premium and Equity Dividend, to investors as a value-add on purchase.
Adding an Upfront Premium or Equity Dividend to a listing can:
Increase the likelihood and amount of funding.
Decrease the timing for funding and get cash quicker.
Enable a homeowner to use more of what they have - home equity to create a more attractive investment opportunity.

Property Eligibility

Properties in most of the US are eligible, depending on state and owner occupancy. Contact us to find out if your US property is eligible.

Vesta Equity is currently accepting properties that are wholly owned and debt-free as well as properties that are mortgaged or otherwise encumbered where the debt can be discharged through raising funds on our marketplace.

Valid home insurance that supports additional insureds is required for every property.

Listing Setup

A homeowner sells equity on the Vesta Equity Property Marketplace by creating
a listing for their property. Creating a listing involves:

Account setup

Booking live sessions for professional photography and property evaluation (inspection/appraisal).

Closing process which involves signing the Equity Sharing Agreement and recording of a securing document such as a Deed of Trust or Mortgage with the property’s county.

Confirmation of valid property insurance and addition of contract parties as Additional Insureds.

Payment of one-time setup costs ($2,000 - $3,000 based on average property value and location).

Determining what percentage of the property's equity to sell ahead of publishing the listing to the marketplace.

Accepting Offers and
Transferring Funds

Homeowners receive offer notifications from property investors for a percentage of equity they want to buy along with a purchase amount.

Offers can be accepted, rejected, or countered with a revised percentage or dollar amount.

Once both parties accept an offer, the transaction is settled immediately with the homeowner receiving funds to their wallet minus Vesta Equity's transaction fee.

Wallet funds can be easily transferred to a linked bank account immediately thereafter.