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Q: Is the value on a listing an appraised value or is it based on property market data?

All listings on Vesta Equity's marketplace are supported by a market value estimate provided by an independent third party. This information is validated and is used to support any subsequent data-driven valuation updates. Once listed, market data will be routinely updated to complement the property valuation. If new valuations are conducted while the property is listed on the marketplace, the latest value estimate will be published. Vesta Equity uses both the value estimate and market data to provide the most accurate financial representation of the property at any given time. The valuations conducted by the independent third party are not considered appraisals.

FAQs > Marketplace > Recommended Listings

Q: Does Vesta Equity recommend or promote listings?

When browsing through listings on the marketplace you might see similar listings to those in a search or on a listing page itself. These are listings that share some of the same characteristics but are not recommended listings by Vesta Equity. This marketplace tool assists with searching but is not intended to advise investors or property owners with decisions they can make on the marketplace. Vesta Equity treats all listings equally and has no services to either promote listings or solicit investors.

FAQs > Marketplace > Comparing Listings

Q: How can I easily keep track of and compare listings against each other?

Each listing can be bookmarked by toggling the bookmark icon and bookmarks can be accessed from the marketplace panel on the dashboard. Even very similar properties can vary greatly in their features but one commonality is the dollar per square foot metric which is shown prominently on each listing. During offers, this metric is recalculated using the offer parameters to easily show whether the dollars per square foot is higher or lower than the listing or other offers on the listing.

FAQs > Marketplace > Listing Age

Q: If some equity on a listing does not sell for a long time will Vesta Equity remove it?

Vesta Equity provides a tool for property owners to manage their equity sale. We will never remove a listing unless it voids our terms of service and will leave it at the property owner’s discretion on when to remove it.