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Real Equity Podcast: Real World Asset Tokenization And Why We Need Regulation

February 6, 2024

Enjoy our latest podcast episode, "Real World Asset Tokenization and Why We Need Regulation", where we delve into the burgeoning intersection of blockchain technology and the management and investment of real-world assets.

As the digital wave continues to reshape industries, the forefront of this transformation is the tokenization of real assets, promising revolutionary changes in investment strategies, ownership structures, and regulatory frameworks.

In this episode, we have assembled a panel of distinguished experts and thought leaders to provide you with a comprehensive perspective on this transformative trend.

Our Expert Panelists

Richard Johnson - CEO of Texture Capital

Richard founded Texture Capital in 2019 to capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the digital securities space. Today, the firm is a leading digital securities broker-dealer, focusing on leveraging blockchain technology to enhance the structure of capital markets.

Richard is a seasoned entrepreneur and an accomplished executive in the securities industry, with a history of leadership roles at the intersection of finance and technology. He has held senior positions at Societe Generale, Greenwich Associates, Liquidnet, and ITG. As a pioneer and thought leader in electronic trading, Richard has also served as a consultant to large organizations on equity market structure, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and FinTech.

Peter Danyeko - CRO at KoreConX

Peter Danyeko is a dynamic business development executive with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, known for his ability to ideate and bring together resources for launching new products and services. His career is highlighted by his involvement in founding startups that have introduced innovative applications and businesses, delivering tangible results across various industries. Currently, he is the CRO of KoreConX, an all-in-one platform designed to unify and simplify the management of business operations, particularly for private capital markets. The platform offers a wide range of solutions for managing investment portfolios, raising capital, and ensuring compliance with global standards and regulations. KoreConX addresses the inefficiencies, fragmented processes, and high costs typically associated with private market transactions.

Nate Dodson - Managing Partner at Crowdfunding Lawyers

Nate has over 18 years of experience helping clients with matters related to securities, financing, real estate, asset protection, and M&A. He has not only assisted in real estate transactions, financing, and investment but has also developed commercial properties from the ground up and participated on the GP side of approximately 4,000 multifamily units over the years.

While his full-time efforts are focused on the securities practice and management of Crowdfunding Lawyers, he remains a partner at his diversified (transactional, litigation, and family law) namesake law firm, Dodson Legal Group, founded in 2007.

Before his legal practice, Nate was a stockbroker, which gives him unique experience in investment sales, structures, and asset protection. Leveraging his expertise in the industry along with his extensive network of trusted connections, his firms have represented over $10 Billion in real estate and business funding transactions over the years.

Michael Carpentier - Co-Founder and CEO of Vesta Equity

Michael is an entrepreneurial business leader with over 25 years of experience building innovative, digitally focused companies. He has worked with enterprises in Canada, the US, and Europe, providing him with a global perspective. His skill sets include product development, high yield revenue management, digital marketing & acquisition, branding, sales management, customer success, fundraising, investor relations, P&L, team building, and partnerships. He is now focused on the intersection of business strategy and blockchain technology and is a CIO Certified Blockchain Professional.

Our discussion with our panelists not only illuminates the technological underpinnings of tokenization but also dissects the complex regulatory environment that governs it.

Key Highlights

Demystifying Tokenization: Understand the mechanics of converting physical assets into digital tokens, enabling fractional ownership and broader accessibility.

Regulatory Insights: Navigate the complex web of legal considerations, compliance standards, and international regulations that frame the tokenization landscape.

Market Impact: Explore how tokenization is reshaping the real estate market, from liquidity and transparency to risk and returns.

Future Visions: Hear predictions from leading voices about the future trajectory of tokenization and its potential to disrupt traditional real estate paradigms.

Whether you're a seasoned investor, a real estate enthusiast, or simply intrigued by the intersection of technology and tangible assets, this episode promises to enrich your understanding and spark your imagination.

Gain invaluable insights into one of the most exciting developments at the crossroads of technology and real estate with a thought-provoking journey through the landscape of tokenized assets.

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