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Vesta Equity Market Recap 8.0

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Written by: Taylor McClendon
March 6, 2023

The Pulse on Housing

A 2022 Consumer Insights Report found that 78% of Americans still associate homeownership with the ‘American Dream’ and 65% of Americans see homeownership as a means of building intergenerational wealth. Vesta Equity is an innovative marketplace that can help you gain access to the single family housing market and start building wealth today.

US salaries are not keeping up with home price appreciation. Since 2018, home prices have increased 40% while the average salary has only risen 22%.

New home sales continue to climb in 2023. January’s annual sales pace of 670,000 was the strongest since March 2022. Housing inventory decreased again week over week and remains well below 1M units.

Top News in Housing

DeFi Champions Pivot From Crypto Intangibles Toward Treasuries, Hard Assets - Real world assets are in high demand as speculative crypto falters.

Crypto markets are undergoing a ‘flight to quality,’ says Goldman Sachs digital assets chief - Asset tokenization is a key area of focus for financial institutions.

Pending home sales jump again in January - The housing market has begun to normalize after sudden rate increases by the Fed. In the western United States, pending home sales increased 10.1%.

Vesta Equity Marketplace Overview

Looking for your next investment property? Easily invest in quality United States real estate - Buy shares, earn appreciation, and let the homeowners take care of the rest

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