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Vesta Equity Market Recap 14.0

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Written by: Michael Carpentier
April 17, 2023

The Pulse on Housing

Homeowners' unwillingness to abandon their inexpensive mortgages has led to a reduced number of houses on the market this spring.

MBA Data Shows Positive Trend in Mortgage Applications for Week Ending April 14, With Purchase Applications Increasing 8% and Refinance Applications Holding Steady Despite Lower Volume, According to Latest MBA Weekly Survey.

Following the release of a favorable inflation report, industry experts are predicting a downward trend in mortgage rates.

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Top News in Housing

HousingWire Finds Low Inventory and High Prices Making Homeownership Out of Reach for Many First-Time Buyers This HousingWire article analyzes whether or not first-time homebuyers can afford homes in today's housing market, citing rising home prices, low inventory, and tight lending standards as potential barriers to entry. The article also explores the role of government policies and assistance programs in helping first-time buyers access homeownership.

WYDaily Analysis Shows Stable Mortgage Rates Alone May Not Be Enough to Aid Struggling Homebuyers - This WYDaily article examines the current state of mortgage rates, noting that while they have stabilized recently, this may not be enough to help potential homebuyers, particularly in areas with high home prices and low inventory.

People rent former homes instead of selling to keep low mortgage rates - This article from Chicago Business explores how some homeowners are choosing to rent out their former homes rather than sell, in order to keep their low mortgage rates. The article cites expert opinions and data to explain why some homeowners are hesitant to sell in today's market, and why this is contributing to the ongoing inventory shortage.

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