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Vesta Equity Market Recap 13.0

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Written by: Michael Carpentier
April 10, 2023

The Pulse on Housing

Home Prices Show Resilience as 7-Month Slide Comes to an End - The latest Black Knight Mortgage Monitor report suggests a healthy housing market, with low and stable mortgage delinquencies.

Mortgage Delinquencies in the U.S. Remain Near Record Lows, Latest Data Show.

Construction Spending Remains Stable, But Residential Category Still Struggling.

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Top News in Housing

43% surge in rate lock volume indicates a rate-sensitive market - The article reports a significant increase in rate lock volume, which suggests that the housing market is highly sensitive to interest rates. The rise in rate lock volume is a result of borrowers wanting to secure low mortgage rates, and the trend is expected to persist.

The Predicted $1 Trillion Plunge Did Not Materialize - While 2023 is expected to show a slight dip in home prices, the following years are predicted to see an increase in home values, and even the optimistic quartile of experts predict aggregate U.S. home values to grow to $60.9 trillion by the end of 2027.

Mortgage Rates Show Volatility, Bouncing Back After Hitting Two-Month Lows - Mortgage rates have rebounded after hitting two-month lows, indicating volatility in the market. This suggests that there are factors at play that are causing fluctuations in interest rates, which could potentially impact the housing market.

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