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Vesta Equity Market Recap 10.0

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Written by: Taylor McClendon
March 20, 2023

The Pulse on Housing

A report by CoreLogic found that Home equity continued to grow during the fourth quarter of 2022. By the end of December, 63% of homeowners saw equity increase by 7.3% for a collective gain of $1 trillion. Tappable home equity nationwide exceeded $10 trillion at year end 2022.

According to a recent housing study “The number of cost-burdened renters who pay more than 30 percent of their incomes on rent hit a 20-year high of 21.6 million households in 2021. This was a 1.2 million household increase over the 2019 pre-pandemic level and included a record 11.6 million households who were paying more than 50 percent of their incomes on housing.” Vesta Equity’s innovative home equity financing solution is needed to increase affordability for consumers.

Stubborn inflation and high interest rates continue to cause fallout in the mortgage market while home equity remains a bright spot within the housing sector. Equity sharing agreements have taken center stage as the newest financial innovation.

Top News in Housing

Home equity is the bright spot of the housing market - Vesta Equity is proud to be mentioned as a portfolio company of Redwood Trust (NYSE: RWT).

After big bank failure, renewed questions about Home Loan Bank System - New innovations are needed to drive the home financing market forward. Innovators are looking to equity sharing agreements.

Monthly home payments soar - The typical homebuyer's monthly payment is $2,563 this week, up 29% from the same time last year.

Vesta Equity Marketplace Overview

Looking for your next investment property? Easily invest in quality United States real estate. Buy shares, earn appreciation, and let the homeowners take care of the rest.

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