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Vesta Equity Market Recap 1.0

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The article below features Vesta Equity’s views on the housing market and a recap of the top stories in real estate. Please sign up to receive the recap weekly and share the recap with people in your network who want to stay on top of the latest housing trends and investment opportunities.

Written by: Taylor McClendon
January 16, 2023

The Pulse on Housing

Homeowner equity remains near all-time highs despite the recent slump in home prices. Homeowner needs for home equity financing will continue to increase as interest rates and unemployment rise.

There has been a spike in the number of housing units under construction, but this is largely the result of a major backlog that developed while supply chains were disrupted. This near term uptick will be overcome by strong demand resulting from the supply shortage that has been developing for more than a decade.

Apartment rents decline for the fourth month in a row in December. The slowdown in rents is not uncommon seasonally; but, the decline is steeper than what is typically considered the result of seasonal trends. Rents spiked 17.6 percent in 2021 and increased at a rate of 3.8 percent in 2022.

Cash out refi activity continued to slump in 2022 but there has been an increase in HELOC and reverse mortgage activity. Savvy homeowners have also begun to explore the Equity Sharing Agreement, which is the mechanism that makes interest-free home equity financing possible through the Vesta Property Marketplace.

Top News in Housing

Cooler inflation data sends mortgage rates lower - Lower mortgage rates reflect the normalizing of the housing market after months of turmoil.

Homebuilder sentiment drops for the 12th straight month, but a bottom may be near - This headline overplays the slowdown on the builder side. While some builders are seeing margins compress, overall home prices remain well above pre-pandemic levels and housing inventory remains low.

Reverse mortgage lender accelerates layoffs as it faces new bankruptcy challenges - Traditional lending models are breaking.

Vesta Equity Marketplace Overview

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