Global home equity marketplace.

Enabling homeowners access to the value in their home without loans and property investors the chance to build a portfolio of fractional residential real estate NFTs.

Watch how we can help you access your equity or build a portfolio of residential assets. Let's Connect

The only platform to connect homeowners and property investors directly with the tools and marketplace to transact.


The homeowner decides what percentage of the home equity they want to sell and lists it on the marketplace. There is no loan or monthly payments.


We connect homeowners and property investors with the solution to tokenize a property, divide it, and sell a percentage with residential rights fully retained by the homeowner.

Property Investor

The property investor decides what percentage of the home equity they want to buy and makes an offer. Investors partake in the appreciation of the property.

Access your home equity in
3 easy steps without loans or interest or outright sale.

We have developed a solution that gives you the ability to tokenize the underlying value of your home. This allows you to then access it and sell off a percentage to an accredited investor. You retain all residential rights. The investor is only interested in the appreciation of the home. Since it is not a loan you don’t have to worry about compounding interest or making any monthly payments. Plus, there will never be any penalties or risk of foreclosure.

“Mortgages are less about getting people into property than getting people into debt.”

Douglas Rushkoff, Author

The smart way to build a residential equity portfolio.

The tools and access to a scope of residential properties to build a portfolio across residential types, locations, appreciation, listing offers, and more.

“Housing wealth – the equity held by households consisting of the value of their homes minus any debt is the most important source of wealth for all but those at the very top.”

Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury