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Q: What is blockchain and does Vesta Equity’s marketplace run on it?

Blockchain is a powerful and revolutionary technology that allows digital records (data) to be made in a decentralized manner across a network (distributed ledger) and verified through consensus by multiple sources on the network. This prevents independent data warehouses from storing, manipulating, and creating monopolies over data for economic benefit. A very common type of data is a financial transaction, and on a blockchain this can be made using a digital token or a cryptocurrency. By using blockchain technology, Vesta Equity’s marketplace ensures that all transactions are fully auditable, immutable, and much quicker compared to traditional methods of transferring funds.

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Q: What blockchain is Vesta Equity using for tokenizing real estate?

We leverage Algorand's proof-of-stake blockchain infrastructure for tokenization. Algorand offers state of the art technology for tokenizing physical assets using their ASA (Algorand Standard Assets) functionality. In addition, due to the nature of Algorand's efficient infrastructure, transfer fees are extremely low and transfers are immediate.